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'2 day intensive weekend courses'

"You’ll have experiences and insights
which will stay with you for
the rest of your career"

Our experiential, multidisciplinary courses are a perfect marriage of the creative and the commercial. They’re designed to inspire future generations - your generation - by connecting dedicated, creative people like you with some of the best brains in the business, great artists, the best musicians and educators, and with leading industry figures and investors.

Our holistic formula offers a structured blend of individual interactive training, information and opportunities. It is not only life-changing, it’s a rare opportunity to ensure that talented people like you with ambition and drive achieve their career goals. And make a great living doing what you love doing best.

Classes are kept small for high quality
- Max 12 people for subject specific areas (Guitar, drums, keys, bass, vocals, song writing, production/programming, music directing)
- Performances 20 musicians max
- Master classes, lectures, seminars 30 max
  • Small specialist master classes
  • Creative workshops
  • Seminars
  • Live performances
  • On-the-couch interviews and interactive discussions
  • Talent showcasing sessions
  • Personal career mentoring sessions
  • Networking sessions.

Each weekend course offers a unique window into the real world of the music industry. You’ll be transported into a living, breathing microcosm of that world, and discover how to make sense of the challenging, exhilarating and (at times) confusing environment in which creative musicians operate.

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