Places are limited and allocated selectively to ensure the quality and integrity of the weekend. So apply soon if you want the chance to be selected. And if you are concerned we might not have thought of everything, or that you have specific requirements, don’t worry. Our unique application process lets you submit questions and requests in advance.




London Event @ Metropolis Studios
Saturday 05/Sunday 06 April
Available until 14th Feb 2014
£299 (£249.17 +VAT)
£360 (£300 +VAT)
Stockholm Event @ Kulturama
Saturday 14/Sunday 15 June
Available until 14th Mar 2014
£299 (£249.17 +VAT)
£360 (£300 +VAT)
Saturday 06/Sunday 07 September
Available until July 6, 2014
£299 (£249.17 +VAT)
£360 (£300 +VAT)
Online mentoring support sessions are available post event  £50 per hour    


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2. MET Music Academy will make every effort to ensure each course is delivered as advertised. However, MET Music Academy reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required. MET Music Academy also reserves the right to make reasonable changes to course start dates, end dates, timetables and course location. Students will be given notice of any such changes.

3. An online assessment must be undertaken prior to admission.

4. By enrolling for a MET Music Academy course students agree to being photographed and/or filmed for promotional purposes.

5. Non-EU applicants are required to have the correct visa to study. MET Music Academy is not able to sponsor Non-EU students. More information about studying in the UK can be found at

6. Registration, administration and tuition fees are neither refundable nor transferable except in the case of material breach by MET Music Academy or at the absolute discretion of MET Music Academy.

7. Applicants must advise MET Music Academy in writing if they wish to defer or cancel all or part of their course at any time; however deferrals are subject to MET Music Academy’s discretion. Please contact MET Music Academy for further information. Non-attendance does not constitute deferment or cancellation of an applicant’s place. Enrolled students who defer or withdraw after the commencement of a course will not be eligible for a refund of fees paid. MET Music Academy reserves the right to charge reasonable administration fees to enrolled students who defer or withdraw for reasons other than material breach by MET Music Academy or as in 8 below.

8. MET Music Academy reserves the right to cancel any course prior to commencement, in the event that an insufficient number of students have enrolled, or in the event of any other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, MET Music Academy will provide a full refund of any fees paid.

9. MET Music Academy reserves the right to modify registration, administration and/or course fees from time to time (other than that for courses already contracted by the applicant). Please go to for information regarding the tuition fees for your chosen course.

10. MET Music Academy cannot accept responsibility or liability for death or personal injuries except for those resulting from the Company’s negligence or breach of duty. In particular, it is the responsibility of the students to ensure they utilise adequate hearing protection at all times when using amplification or drum equipment, and to ensure playing and practice routines do not cause injury or harm.

11. MET Music Academy shall not be responsible for students’ belongings, including musical equipment, whilst on the event premises, and so cannot, in the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by the Company or its employees and agents, be held liable for loss, damage or theft of said belongings.

12. MET Music Academy shall not be liable to applicants for loss of income or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind. Any other liability of MET Music Academy to applicants under or in connection with the provision of a course (other than liability for death or personal injury from the Company’s negligence or breach of duty) shall in no event exceed the fees payable in respect of such course.

13. Enrolled students will be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the Company’s property however caused by them and will indemnify the Company against any resulting liabilities and expenses.

14. Where applicants are under 18 years of age, MET Music Academy reserves the right to contact parents, guardians or other appropriate adult in order to report on academic progress, attendance, punctuality and/or any behavioural issues which affect learning (including those dealt with through our disciplinary procedures).

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